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The Healthiest Way To Your Caffeinated Day

When we talk to clients about starting a coaching program, we often hear similar questions and assumptions. Most think that we will ask them stop drinking coffee, cut out wine, no eating meat, and drop all the good things in life.

Here is the truth – total deprivation and cold-turkey makes you unhappy, unfulfilled and does not work as a long term health plan. We’ve all been there, done that and fallen off the wagon too many times. The key to a healthy lifestyle is balance and moderation, and importantly, making sure that what you do consume is healthy, nutritious, and not loaded with unwanted toxic elements.

Bulletproof CoffeeIt is our belief that your most optimal health ever will come from unwavering commitment to health rituals. A huge part of our health ritual these days is the Bulletproof lifestyle. In Feb of 2014 we met Dave, the founder of Bulletproof and his COO Dawn. Dawn diligently explained to us the difference in their coffee versus others. We were fascinated about the quality control process and decided that it was a vital piece of our endless fascination with the quality of food we are exposed to.

Bulletproof Coffee KitSo, no joking, here is how is our recipe for Bulletproof Coffee that will give you all-day energy, a lift in mood, and a new level of brain health and physical performance:

Coffee, butter and coconut oil

Seriously. But not just any brand. Like Dave, we have done the testing with different brand names and roasting techniques.

We could tell you all about the taste and the experience, but really, the only way is to try it for yourself. If you are curious about this ritual, or have already tried it and need to re-stock, you can schedule a tasting by contacting us here.


** We have a comprehensive stock of Bulletproof products at our facility. Please contact us for exact products and to arrange a time! Want to try the recipe? Just ask us to make you a cup. Email tara@intentio.com for questions and pickups. 

Stop Drinking Toxic Coffee!

Most people are surprised to learn there are more chemicals in their coffee than on an average pharmacy shelf. Most of those chemicals we understand to be benign at worst, and some we know to provide the performance boost we all seek in coffee. However, swirling within that complex mix of chemicals, even in highest quality, most aromatic, and most flavorful brews can lurk the most carcinogenic natural compounds known to man. We are talking about a mold toxin commonly found in coffee called Ochratoxin, and what it can do to your health and performance.

What is Ochratoxin?

Ochratoxin is a class of several different chemicals belonging to the fungal toxins known as mycotoxins. Unlike other fungal toxins, such as mushroom poison, mycotoxins are toxic secondary metabolites produced by mold, and we unintentionally ingest them in food.

There are two main forms of contamination of agricultural products by ochratoxin, known as ochratoxin A and ochratoxin B. In shorthand these are referred to as OTA and OTB in most scientific literature. Ochratoxin B (OTB) is less common and less toxic than OTA. OTA is produced most often by two Penicillium species (P. verrucoum and P. norduim) on poorly stored cereals or by a wide range of Aspergilli in variety of products, including wine and coffee.

Aspergillus ochraceus in particular contaminates dried foods, but more importantly seems to be the culprit for contaminating green coffee beans. Because of this, it is well established that OTA and other mycotoxins are present in green and roasted coffee beans.

It is so alarming, in fact, that many countries set strict limits for OTA in foods, including coffee. The US has no standards for coffee, so it lags behind the EU, South Korea, Singapore, and even China, which all set limits at economically feasible levels. OTA is just one of the 27 toxins that are controlled for in Upgraded Coffee.

Why Drink Upgraded Coffee?

You can somewhat reduce the incidence of mold toxins in coffee by using wet processed, single estate beans. Wet process makes less toxins than natural process, and single estate means you aren’t mixing beans from the more moldy farms with less moldy farms.

However, wet processing methods vary greatly even in a single region, and the odds of getting a bean that will make you feel amazing are not very good. There are a lot of variables, including sanitizing, methods of cultivation, the region, climate, even the temperature you harvest your beans in.

In contrast, Upgraded Coffee is created and tested using the proprietary Bulletproof Process™ to create a coffee that is tested to be lower in mold toxins that inhibit human performance, including ochratoxin A. You can feel the difference every time, even if you only drink it black . Since Upgraded Coffee is about the same cost as other high end coffees that are solely created for economics or flavor and are not subjected to a rigorous testing process, it starts to become a no-brainer!