The INTENTIO Experience

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Our Whole-Body Approach To Wellness & Training Under One Roof Sets Us Apart From Other Gyms

INTENTIO is a different type of gym. We are not a walk-in treadmill farm. You won't find rows of weight machines with folks wandering aimlessly between them on their twice-a-year visit to the gym.
What you will find are motivated, goal-driven individuals working closely with our professional training staff to meet their specific, measured, objectives. Pushing their limits, exceeding personal bests, and working towards their health and fitness goals. Ready to learn more about how we work?

Health & Fitness Assessment

The INTENTIO Experience

The starting point with all of our clients is a thorough health & fitness assessment. This is a necessary part of the INTENTIO experience because of our INTENT-driven approach: We work with you to define your goals, and create a measured plan to get there, but we can only do that if we know your current fitness level & capabilities.

Our assessments are very comprehensive, and include:

  • Functional Movement Screening Assessment: Here we will assess your current physical form, posture, and muscle composition. Our modern lifestyle creates numerous problems with our bodily alignment, and quite often we find that the early parts of our training programs are focused on transforming a typical forward-leaning posture into a more correct upright stance. This ensures that the right muscles get developed, that you get full range of motion in your training, and most importantly, dramatically reduces the risk of training injuries.
  • Body Composition Analysis: We look beyond basic measurements such as height and weight, by using state-of-the-art body composition analysis tools. These provide a detailed breakdown of key metrics such as lean muscle mass and water content. These are the same tools that we use to measure your progress with us, so we can see your improvement over time.
  • One-to-One Consultation: You will meet with one of our Fitness Trainers and/or our Nutritionist (see packages below). This consultation provides us with the opportunity to truly explore your health history, expectations, and goals, and find a way to get there in a realistic and sustainable way.
  • Training Plan: The end result of our health & fitness assessment is a step-by-step plan – a roadmap to meeting your fitness goal. We devise targets to meet along the way, and recommend a plan of action that matches your needs, goals, and budget.

Personal Training & Nutrition Coaching

The INTENTIO Experience

INTENTIO’s flagship training solutions offer 1-1 sessions with your choice of Personal Fitness Trainers, Nutritional Consultants, and Athletic Training Coaching (ATC):

  • Purchase blocks of sessions, and mix-and-match them between fitness professionals as needed.
  • Divide time blocks as needed – use flexibly as 1-hour or 30-minute sessions.
  • Monthly physical assessments to track progress, measure performance against plan, and revise the action plan for the following month to drive towards your goal.