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Targeted Nutrition Strategy is the Key to Enjoyable Health

Nutrition at INTENTIO

Our Mission

To catapult your enjoyment of daily life by tidying up your system to accomplish lean body composition, workout performance and longevity.

Learning how to take care of your body from the inside has to be taken seriously, so you not only can have the kind of joyful and energetic life you want for as long as you want it but also see the results that give you positive feedback and encourage your next level of effort.

Results You Can Expect:

  • Changes in health status that tend to impress your doctor

  • Confidence that your meal choices will serve your own body

  • Weight loss (fat loss + muscle gain = healthy happy body)

  • Increase in energy, strength and endurance

  • Decrease in chronic pain

  • Improved confidence and brain performance at work

  • Decreased inflammation to prevent diabetes, cancer and heart disease

  • Longer, happier life

  • Immediate confidence that you’re doing the right thing for right now AND for your future


Our Nutrition Approach

From the beginning, we have been focused on counseling and coaching the individual, in addition to in-depth study of over 100 dietary theories and especially modern food quality.

The biggest part of whether or not someone gets optimally fit is being able to facilitate the change through accountability, a healthy mindset, individual lifestyle and logistics, new ideas, continuing support, resilient motivation and helping each individual tap into their inner strength. Your fitness journey is not just about looking and feeling good, but creating a mindset and body/mind paradigm shift to foster lasting wellness. In other words – change your future!

INTENTIO’s Nutrition Department functions differently than hospital nutritionists or dieticians. We deliver the education each individual needs to sustain ideal health. Yes, EXERCISE is a part of ideal weight and physical fitness. And going beyond this important element, we believe the best way to sustained health is to learn what makes your body perform, and arrange the pieces so they flow harmoniously in your favor. These pieces are different for each individual, not only because of their current state of health, but their past experiences as well. Let’s make the good, even stronger by keeping your body agile, durable and ready to fully step into the demands of your life.

 Health & Fitness Results

Begin with Assessments, Consultation and a Comprehensive Plan



 Success Stories

From INTENTIO Nutrition Clients

Small Group Means More Attention


Single Research Engineer in his 20’s – works for a large corporation and has access to their gym.

He has tried various “crash” diets like: low carb, eating the same meals every meal, and the fruit and potato diet and any others that his friends suggest.

He says he chose INTENTIO Nutrition because he wanted to learn more about how to sustain his weight loss, gain knowledge, rather than continue with the same pattern. 

OBSTACLES: Social hours with co-workers, his routine not being set up for success, de-motivation, lack of confidence due to the diet marketing showing before and after results. He didn’t know why he couldn’t get what others seemed to have easily.

He says he is excessive in most things and tends to be “crazy” about something for a time and then falls off it.  He knew our nutrition program would be able to teach him and guide him with a customized program to be able to correct this excessive behavior and finally get the health he wanted.

TESTIMONIAL: “Working long hours, neglecting my fitness, pulling too many all nighters and eating way too many pizzas and burgers took a toll on my body and I started taking my health seriously. I have had severe problems in finding a healthy lifestyle that was sustainable. In the last 2 years, I lost 60 lbs, gained 40 lbs, lost 5 lbs and gained 10 lbs again. I was tired of this extreme pattern and definitely wanted nutrition advice from someone who cares about everything that goes into my body, so I signed up for weekly 1-on-1 nutrition sessions.

Tara’s style is flexible and the sessions are geared towards understanding what food works for me (whether it is sustainable in the long run), suggesting alternatives to bad habits and motivating me. She keeps tweaking/suggesting changes to my meals based on my weekly input and progress. Her attention to detail is noteworthy as she patiently listens and understands the reasons behind my cravings and tendencies and suggests methods to reduce the ones that are easier to get rid of and gradually works her way to those that are harder to get rid of.

Tara is personable and goes above and beyond in my requests for help and advice even if it’s not nutrition related. She routinely gives me useful advice about my workouts, responds quickly to my texts/emails and often sends friendly motivating reminders. My results have been significant in just 8 weeks – losing 12 lbs of fat and increasing my muscle mass beyond what I’ve ever been able to do on my own.”  –Kurt


Professional Woman in late 40’s works from home, flexible schedule.

Wants to finally become the fit, strong, lean person she never was. She has done the elimination diets and found allergies to lots of foods and has been sick for many years with no hope of being healthy enough to do what she wanted with her body, which was gymnastics and trapeze training.

OBSTACLES: Very busy and is on the road frequently, not spending enough time in one place to prepare meals. Lack of gym space or guidance to get to a goal she had physically never been.

Personalized Attention To Meet Your Goals

TESTIMONIAL: “My frustration was my weight. Also that part of me was asleep and fuzzy. I had lost my path and needed to get back into an environment that re-awakened that knowledge within me and support it with camaraderie and accountability. Because I knew it but wasn’t doing it anymore. INTENTIO helped me dust off and reapply.

I started a physical program unlike I had ever done, and I wanted nutrition to be compatible with the fitness goals but had no idea how to do it. Too much information online – what do you eat after strength, do you carb load before cardio – I knew it depended on a lot of parameters I didn’t have the time to think about. I wanted people who dedicated their life to those topics, to guide me and I wanted it all in one program and building. When we started the nutrition program, I knew it was right for me.

I had to create new habits, which was becoming a regular with exercise, coming to the gym regularly and seeing the team made me feel like there was a team of professionals on my side, like I was a super athlete! Now I could say “My trainer has me doing….. and my nutritionist makes me….. And my massage therapist has discovered…..”  The team made a detailed meal plan for me every week, including the recipes.

I knew, and know now more than ever, that it would be a waste of time and money and effort if my nutrition is not supporting my exercise.” –Diane


40-something Marketing Director for a large company who provides a gym and cafeteria, which she has tried sticking to but has gained and lost 5-10 lbs many times.

She is engaged for the first time in her life and wants to look her best in her wedding dress.


Small Group Means More Attention


“What I did in my 20s and 30s doesn’t work anymore. I have to change the way I do everything – exercise, eat, relax, relate to people. If I don’t eat well, exercise doesn’t make the different it used to. I always snack at work to hopefully give me energy and some kind of the weird boost to get more done. One time I even had three it’s-it’s because I had a big day. The immense amount of free food at work makes me have no willpower. I eat it automatically, and I fill up small servings thinking I’m limiting my calories. I try to eat no sugar for weeks at a time, and then a challenging project will come up, and I start eating lots of cake. I am a stress eater.”

TESTIMONIAL: “I’ve tried various techniques to get to the level of health I want to be, like eating no sugar for a month, working out every day for 1.5 hours, paying $800/month for a trainer, not eating, dieting with friends, displayed small sizes of clothing in my bedroom, buying a wedding dress smaller than me…. I felt terrible when I saw my muffin top. In fact, it consistently affected the productivity of my day due to confusion and lack of confidence.

I wanted to be a size 4, and I had thought it was impossible for me. I just needed a plan, and inspiration to be more disciplined and intentional with my food decisions. Someone who cared about more than my payment, who understood me, and got to the root of the problem.

Thanks to this program, and my habit changes, I fit into that dream wedding dress and I’m confident I can stay youthful and energetic for my life, plus smart and agile for my job to compete with the millennials on my team!”  –Allison


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Meet the INTENTIO Nutrition Team

Noemi Berta

Tara Marple, HN, METS, AADP, ABMP

Tara started the NUTRITION Department for INTENTIO, after 15 years of work in the wellness world. 

“If you want optimal health, optimal energy, optimal body composition, if you want to go back to the libido you had in your early 20s, if you want your skin to look better than it has in 20 years, you have to get all these pieces right. Hormone balance is staggeringly important. As well as environmental factors, your life decisions, what you eat, how you sleep, food quality and variety, and how intelligent you are with the type and quantity of exercise you do. Simply stated, executing exercise and nutrition practices in a joyful way brightens our spirit, and that is just the beginning. 

“Over the years, I’ve decided that the best way to help my clients is to eliminate doubt. When we doubt our choices, we lose energy and commitment. This is the first thing we do in a coaching program. Even before telling them how to eat. Part of this process is to help get them committed to the REASON they want to follow through on their I WILL.”