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Coaches. Agents of lasting change.

We take a holistic, sports science-driven, personalized approach to your well being. Our intention is to strengthen what ultimately matters most: your energy, optimism and confidence. That said, it’s also nice to be super-fit and know what to eat and when.


Anna Hertel


Perhaps the nickname “Ironbabe” gives you a clue. Anna is a hardcore triathlete, deep in training and striving to be the best she can be. She knows everything it takes to rip through the water, crank a time trial bike and run fast when the body screams out “please, for God sake, slow down.”

Her athletic journey began with a child’s mountain bike in Germany, then competitive tennis in Atlanta’s Southern Division and a black belt in taekwondo before moving to the bay area to find her true calling as a triathlete and personal trainer. A sponsored Elite Amateur for Team Freeplay, Anna chases her dream of a Procard and the prize designation “bad-ass.”

Given that drive and athletic ability, it would be easy to assume Anna is another robotically gung-ho personal trainer who thinks everyone should quit their career to train 24/7.

That would be misleading because what makes Anna an inspiring mentor is not a checklist of sporting triumphs but her personal experiences overcoming emotional and mental challenges. Serious injury, negative body images, high stress job, chained to a desk with no fitness in sight. She’s been there.

Her mission at Intentio is to create a pro-level, personalized support team for every individual. She has a strong sense of empathy for the struggle. And a skill for cracking the bullwhip when required.

"I WILL -- Move my body to bust through all that blocks me from my true health and vitality"

Tara Marple

Executive Director, Nutrition Coach

Tara is the Executive Director and a Nutrition Coach at INTENTIO. Her journey has been guided by a lifetime passion for health and fitness. From an active childhood to a career in photography, then massage therapy and ultimately a professional commitment to nutrition and spiritual fitness. 

With many years of experience in one on one coaching, she is excited to join a like-minded team at INTENTIO, where she will offer clients the expertise needed to heal themselves with food and take it further into strengthening their durability to handle life’s challenges.

A longevity expert and experienced triathlete, she now spends much of her free time researching wellness, paddle boarding and visiting lakes with her 9 year old son. She is excited to help INTENTIO clients harness their intentions. “You can doubt yourself out of anything,” she says. “But when you can keep your thoughts positive and intentional, that is when real life unfolds.”

"The bigger the dream, the more important the team"

Chad Morin

Head Fitness Coach

Chad is CPR/AED certified and is a certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist with the NSCA.
Chad is a New England native who’s been personal training for over 18 years. He’s trained clients and athletes of all ages, abilities, and achievements from coast to coast!

A three sports athlete in high school (soccer, basketball, baseball) and single sport athlete in college (soccer), Chad loves to reveal the inner athlete in children and adults. His core philosophy is to help active individuals achieve optimal potential in all areas of life.

Chad’s training style is rooted in functional movements, which requires strength, flexibility and coordination from rep to rep. He thrives on teaching his clientele, and dedicates a portion of each session to educating clients about the mind body connection.

His athletic training background is great for clients that need to train around injuries or maintain total body strength despite most injury situations. Recognizing and correcting deficiencies will be a weekly focus when you train with Chad.

What is the biggest fitness challenges individuals have to overcome in order to reach a sustainable lifestyle change?

1. Commitment to consistency
2. Starting exercise cycles with unrealistic short term expectations.
3. The yo yo-ing effect of inconsistent nutritional habits, as well as understanding ones, own nutritional needs.

Chad likes to travel, explore and spend time with family. Golfing, hiking and mountain biking are his ‘get out of the gym’ vices!

"If you haven't found it yet, keep looking. Don't settle." -Steve Jobs

Megan Leung

Nutrition & Marketing Coordinator

As a former student athlete, Megan has been cultivating a passion for health and wellness since the age of eight. Combining this with her love of writing and her mild addiction to social media as a millennial, she hopes to use her role as Nutrition & Marketing Coordinator to share INTENTIO's mission with the greater community and promote the importance of preventative health in achieving longevity.

Noemi Berta

Fitness Coach

Noemi is a NASM, TRX Certified Personal Trainer and CPR/AED Certified from the American Heart Association. She sees herself as an educator, mentor, coach, and cheerleader on her client's journey towards sustainable health.

One-on-One Personal Training gives her the opportunity to work with people on addressing specific needs and teach her clients about their bodies to create a mind and body awareness.

Noemi's biggest Fitness Challenge:

"My biggest challenge is to make my body move like a child's body does. Restore full range of motions of all joints. Surely you have seen a baby falling and getting up with no problem! They roll over on their neck and don't have to go to see a chiropractor the next day! I want to be able to age well! The challenge is to fight against the sedentary lifestyle of this comfortable modern civilization."

According to Noemi, this is her clients biggest problem:

Realizing that their body wants to move. That being sedentary and immobile is actually the opposite what the body wants. She achieves this breakthrough with her clients through education, support, and repetition. It is important not to put limitations on your body because, eventually, it will limit your everyday life!

Ariana Canalez

Fitness Coach

Ariana is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and certified in CPR/ AED with the American Heart Association.
NASM has provided her with an intense perspective on biomechanics and human physiology and how this relates to program design.
Additionally, she is a USA Swimming Certified Coach and a Level 2 Member of the American Swim Coaches Association. She sees herself as the igniter to get her clients to feel stronger, move better and more fluid in order to unlock their body's full potential.

Ariana's biggest Fitness Challenge:

"Last April, I started working with a powerlifting coach to clean up my lifting technique and my programming. It has been a process, and it's hard work, but I feel stronger for it and more prepared to reach my competition goals. "

According to Ariana, this is her clients biggest problem:

"The biggest change that I feel people have a hard time with is adjusting their mindset. I think that some people come in with a lot of expectations, and have a hard time letting go of those expectations and trusting the process. Learning and making a lifestyle change takes time. If you stick to those healthy changes and give yourself time to adjust, and focus on performance based goals in the gym, those tangible results will be incidental to the other changes you have made."