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Our mission is to strengthen what ultimately matters most: your energy, optimism and confidence. You are more than just a client to us; we foster individualism and do our best, as a team, to build the bridge to the potential you already have. In fact, the I in our logo is for YOU!

Read about our fitness coaching team below, and share your intentions with us!

Our Coaches
ming shieh
Anna Hertel
Tara Marple


Business Management | Coach | Public Speaker

EXERCISEACE Certified Personal Trainer
 CPR/AED Certified
 Anatomy & Pathology, University of Utah
NUTRITIONCertified Health & Nutrition Coach (HC)
 Metabolic Efficiency Training Specialist (METS)
 Institute for Integrative Nutrition
RECOVERYCA Certified Massage Therapist (CMT)
 Esalen Institute Massage Levels I, II, III, IV
 Utah College of Massage Therapy, 815 Hours


Tara is the General Manager at INTENTIO. Her journey has been guided by a lifetime passion for health and fitness. She realized her purpose when she caught herself reading a dictionary about vitamins, wondering why her Mom was in so much pain, and what she could do to help. Eventually, after a short career in Photography and Web Design, she dove into studying everything to do with enjoying a healthy mind and body, for as long as possible. Through her hours with clients, she has realized that every single human has their own health journey and no one blueprint or diet will get you to the RESULT of health. She believes that health is a lifelong journey, and the most important part is to recognize when you are off balance, or simply ready for the next level. Her mission is to help the client accept and receive what they want for themselves, as well as their current reality, so they can heal and move forward in their personal goals, career advancement and life demands.

With 16 years of experience in 1-1 coaching, she offers clients the expertise needed to heal themselves with food and take it further into strengthening their durability to handle life’s challenges.

“I have learned how to be there for my clients in a way that they’ve never experienced before. The time spent studying opened my eyes to preventative health on a “real human” level, which means physically, mentally and logistically – because all of those are considerations. I see myself as the intuitive coach and empowering guide. I have endless listening ability to be able to determine what the client is ready for next and how to motivate them to get there.”

Iming Shieh


EXERCISENFPT Certified Personal Trainer
 CPR/AED Certified
 Human Anatomy & Physiology, SJSU
NUTRITIONPrecision Nutrition Level 1
 B.S. Nutrition, Sports Nutrition focus, SJSU
RECOVERY 1 1/2 Years as a Physical Therapy Aide


When working with clients, Ming takes on the role of educator and exercise coach in the same session. He likes to positively influence each and every client so they have a better understanding of their body, while still getting a fun, effective workout. After 1 1/2 years as a Physical Therapy Aide, he has seen  a wide variety of injuries which explains his gift for helping clients regress their movements, build a foundation of strength and then safely progress them to complex exercises. 

Ming believes in fueling the body properly through nutrition skills, instead of dieting and calorie counting diets. With the goal of changing more lives, Ming has taken on the challenge of becoming an author. “The process has made me more focused and has given me some insight as to why people say they are ‘ready’ to change, but experience setbacks that prevent them from being fully committed and moving towards real change.”

Anna Hertel


Anna Hertel is the Founder and CEO of INTENTIO, LLC. 

INTENTIO was created out of a desire to offer non-athletes a comprehensive program to support them towards a big goal they could only secretly wish for. She makes sure there is specific focus on developing a program and hiring coaches that will catalyze deep change and provide supportive shoulders along the way.

Anna is currently studying for her master’s degree in Writing and working on a memoir about her past and what brought her to triathlon racing. Her commitment to her own health, triathlon training and her friends and family inspires this team every day to take INTENTIO along it’s own journey of optimal health! 

You can read more at ANNAHERTEL.COM

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