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The “Just Get Started” Package:

— Personal Training, Nutrition and Massage Therapy — 

$495 for 5 sessions of coaching


Hours can be used for EXERCISE, NUTRITION, MASSAGE or a combination of them all! Multiple packages may be purchased.

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Personal Training

Personal Training

At INTENTIO, our personal trainers are referred to as coaches. Our passionate and extensively qualified coaches will educate and guide you towards results. Whatever your INTENT is, we will develop and execute a targeted training program to help you achieve it and educate you with the proper skills to sustain it once and for all. We believe in frequency of movement, a balanced workout schedule, and making it all work for your individual needs. Plus, a healthy dose of motivation and accountability because in most cases, that’s the most important piece to sustainable and functional fitness. 

Our Signature Fitness Assessment, Ongoing progress updates and Fitness Plan Phases 1-4 is included in every client’s program!


Body Composition Analysis

Personal Training
One of the first steps you will take is to meet with a coach and do a health history and body scan. We use state-of-the-art electronic body composition assessment equipment to accurately measure your physical form. Our team will use these important baseline numbers to plan your unique health program. 
As you go through your program, keeping track of your progress is also necessary so that we are aware of what is working and what might need some adjustment in order to get you to your goals. As a client, you will receive a body composition scan every 2-4 weeks. With this data, we can keep your training plan updated as your fitness improves so that it continues to show the results of your hard work, which is what we all want.

Recovery and Massage Therapy

Personal Training

Proper recovery is an essential part of every training program. Even the strongest bodies need time to rest and recharge. Every session begins with proper warm up and concludes with cool down to avoid injury. Through these routines, you will learn a variety of recovery techniques, from safe stretches to foam rolling. If you are in need of additional help in this area, you can also choose to dedicate coaching hours to Therapeutic Massage Sessions as desired. Rest days and specific stress relief actions are also scheduled appropriately into your plan.

Recover well to train well!

INTENTIO Signature Fitness Assessment

Personal Training
Personal Training
Personal Training

Every fitness journey at INTENTIO begins with an in-depth fitness assessment, which covers all 3 of our pillars in our signature approach — EXERCISE — NUTRITION — RECOVERY.

The findings will tell us a little more about your posture and mobility, cardiovascular fitness, nutrition*, stress factors and lifestyle before you begin training. Gathering this information allows us to establish a strong foundation upon which your personalized program is built.

You also receive a Fitness Plan Phase 1, with our feedback and recommendations on how to proceed towards your goals. 


*Nutrition strategy and execution is sometimes the most challenging part of getting healthy, but without it, you simply will not have the proper energy to execute the actions outlined in your health plan. We have found that our clients’ successes have been at least 70% due to the execution of their Nutrition Plans. Learn more about the Nutrition aspect on our Nutrition Services Page.  

Our Signature Fitness Assessment and Fitness Plan Phases 1-4 is included in every client’s program!