Semi Private Personal Training

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Professional Training at a Fraction of the Cost

SEMI PRIVATE PERSONAL TRAINING delivers the personalization of One-on-One training, and is designed for those who are serious about their health. We believe the best way to fitness is to sweat often – focus on frequency of movement, full body strength and progression towards your goals versus long, boring cardio workouts.

It’s not just fun – its INTENTional. For those of you who have gotten bored and fallen off the wagon a time or two (or three!), we strive to create an environment that keeps you coming back, and staying long enough to finally make progress.

Reasons to Choose INTENTIO

Semi Private Personal Training


Our schedule options are much more individualized than large group exercise at big box gyms. Just schedule your best times and we will figure out the rest. Once you purchase session credits, you can schedule sessions easily through the Wellness Living App.

Semi Private Personal Training

Serious Training with a Fun Vibe

INTENTIO is big enough to be fun and motivating, but small enough to receive quality attention and guidance from your coach. 

Bring us your goals, from athlete to posture correction to increasing energy; we got your back!

Semi Private Personal Training

Progression Towards a Goal

Coaches and clients all agree that the support, creativity, instruction and focus provided by a personal trainer are all essential to long-term, sustainable health & fitness. Your Fitness Coach will give you feedback on form, suggest progressions, and track your progress. Then CONTINUE to work with you, every step of the way, ON EVERY VISIT, to monitor your progress and make adjustments.

Semi Private Personal Training

Creative Curriculum 

Take the confusion out of your workout planning. Have you ever purchased a DIY workout program or gym membership that you were inspired by but never used? The really consistent value of a personal coach is their ability to push you past your comfort level, make sure you show up for yourself, and to design the programming for you. I’m sure we can agree that even for those who are health enthusiasts that this would be a relief!

Semi Private Personal Training

Share the $Cost$ of a Personal Trainer

We believe that personal training is an essential part of many fitness plans. However, at local rates of $100-175/Hour, it may not be affordable by everyone long-term. Semi Private Training picks up where 1-1 personal training leaves off. In fact, some clients start with some intensive 1-1 sessions to accelerate their progress, and then continue on with this option.

Semi Private Personal Training
Iming Shieh

Iming Shieh, NFPT

CPR and AED certified

Ming has a natural talent for not only creating well-rounded workouts, but giving key encouragement and body positioning cues so his clients can use the proper muscles and get the best results. Clients look forward to his knowledgeable coaching and humorous encouragement after a busy, stressful day. His intention is to make sure they maximize their potential for energy, and develop the strength to reach their personal health goals. Ming is always upbeat and endlessly encouraging for his clients and team mates.

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Semi Private Personal Training

Tara Marple, ACE, METS, HHC, ABMP

Tara loves to motivate others to be their best, and also to accept that they may not always feel their best. She is encouraging and empowering for her clients through their ups and downs in life. Sometimes just listening makes all the difference, and other times a solution is offered at the perfect time.  Her motto is “You’re never too young too defy age, and never too seasoned to be youthful.”

Tara also has a 15 year career in Massage Therapy and Nutrition Coaching in her toolbox, to help fuel her clients’ efforts in their health programs. She believes in pulling others to their feet, however and whenever they need it. 

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