Business Opportunities For Top-Quality Trainers

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If you are seeking a gym space that supports strength, personal development, growth, transformation, responsibility that optimal fitness provides, please read on —

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Welcome to INTENTIO.  We are the preeminent training studio in the Bay Area providing personalized, one-on-one coaching in nutrition, fitness, and injury prevention.  Our vision is to revolutionize the health and fitness industry by providing a 360-degree holistic approach to transformational wellness.  Our fully integrated programming creates the perfect synergy for accelerating progress, boosting motivation, and promoting lifelong health.  PLUS, we offer tons of internal development for our staff.

If you’re a health professional, personal trainer or fitness coach on the peninsula/bay area looking for a great location where you can train clients, look no further.

Right now, we are inviting experienced personal trainers to partner with INTENTIO for space at our facility where they can train their own clients.  The ideal candidates already have their own book of business, and are seeking a space within which to train.


  • Convenient location for Mountain View and Los Altos area, very close to downtown businesses (Moffett and Central Expressway, close to train)
  • Extremely competitive rental rate for trainers (no joke – it’s exceptional)
  • Newly remodeled building
  • Private locker rooms, towel service, and showers
  • High ceilings, clean and open space
  • Outdoor training space, plus indoor/outdoor room
  • Brand new equipment – Squat Racks, Alter-G, Woodway, Bumper Plates, Rower, Wahoo Kickrs, SkiErg upper body
  • Assessment tools: InBody composition scanner, FMS kit
  • Exposure to INTENTIO coaches dedicated to providing mentoring and learning opportunities for you to take into your career going forward.


  • Ability to manage your own clientele scheduling and garnering business
  • Proven entrepreneurial drive and experience
  • Excellent people person and business etiquette – ability to relate to and engage people
  • Excellent written and verbal communication
  • Open to learning and growing independently and from feedback
  • Ability to share space and play nice with other professionals with varying levels of fitness, expertise and modalities


  • We are a functional fitness facility, with no machines for isolated muscle building
  • Cross fit is acceptable, for 1:1 or 1:2 coaching. Our space can handle up to 4 people in a class, but we are not set up for classes per se.
  • We have experts on our team that are specific in the areas of fitness coaching, recovery and nutrition. Because of this, we ideally welcome and invite trainers who do more fitness training and less nutrition programming.
  • Facility is open 7 days per week, primarily by appointment.  Limited support staff on the weekends.
  • We do marketing for our own services and program offerings, but we give those leads to our coaches on staff. So again, you will bring your own clients with you and be encouraged to garner new business for your own programs.

INTENTIO was founded as a place where transformation happens. We are looking for exceptional and experienced fitness trainers who work with their clients independently, and need a space to bring their loyal client following. Ideal trainers will qualify and will combine your expertise in the fitness training realm, as well as your ability to provide an exceptional experience in our private, clean and modern health facility.


If you are seeking a gym space to see your loyal clients, please send your resume to